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Create your Transformation

I'll take you from where you are right now
to where you want to go.

I am not a glossy coach, not a guru and least of all someone who knows everything. I see myself as your travel companion and hold the space for your thoughts, feelings and inner processes. This way you can fully unfold.


In doing so, I draw on my life experience, my expertise and my versatile methods. My distinctive intuition as well as my sensitive abilities support me in this. 


I have incorporated all my knowledge and experience into my offer. This includes methods and approaches from life coaching, NLP, behavioural psychology, mindfulness, hypnosis, quantum physics and contemporary spirituality. For me, the human being is too multi-layered to work only with a "one-fits-all" model.


All my offers are about you getting in touch with your feelings, learning to observe and properly control your thoughts and - most importantly - getting into self-love and true self-care. Because that is the basis for a self-determined and happy life.


Further down on this page you will find my coaching packages that support you in this. Here you will find my special offer for men. And here you will find support for Twin Flame Journey.

Sky - Image by Greg Rakozy

Spiritual Mentoring

As a Spiritual Mentor, I dive deep into your inner world with you. You have already dealt with your personal development and growth and are ready to take the next step.


You want to understand who you really are in your true essence, because you already suspect that you are much more than your body and your thoughts. And because you already unconsciously know that life is more than just working, sleeping and paying bills.


Maybe you are walking through The Dark Night of the Soul and need someone to help you get through it safely. 


In spiritual mentoring we do the deep dive into your consciousness development: it is about your sense questions and how you come into your creative power as part of the universal energy. You will understand that you always have a choice, no matter how difficult your circumstances are. You will learn to listen to your intuition and connect with your higher self. You will understand what it means to create your life in connection and total trust in yourself and the universe.


The prerequisite for this is that you are willing to take a close look at your shadow parts and integrate them. Whether it's depressive phases, spiritual crises, a whirlwind of thoughts, emotional chaos, emotional congestion or physical complaints: I am happy to be there for you and find the source of your suffering together with you, so that healing can really take place on all levels. 

Your situation:

  • Are you fed up with months or even years of therapy that doesn't get you anywhere?

  • Would you like to break out of the negative spiral of problems, finally find the solution and grow personally?

  • Do you want to fundamentally change your life? Or part of it?

  • Tired of all those touted "self-optimizations" that dictate what you need to do to be successful or happy?

  • Would you like to feel free and independent and come into your self-determination?

How I support you:

  • I am not only your coach, but also your mentor. Therefore I will also give you a lot of knowledge that is important for your journey and will help you to understand your transformation.

  • My coaching is holistic. This means that we not only work on the conscious, mental level, but also on the emotional, spiritual and behavioral levels.


  • This makes the coaching more efficient, because 95% of our thoughts, blockages, fears, etc. are unconscious and therefore not accessible through pure mental training. We will therefore bring your subconscious on board accordingly, so that you can achieve a lasting transformation.

8 benefits of working with me:

  1. You go out of your head, you open your horizons and blast your limitations

  2. You recognize what is holding you back in life and change your behavior

  3. You overcome your hurdles and master your challenges

  4. You can create a new version of yourself

  5. You see more clearly and understand what you really want

  6. You change your way of thinking and your identity

  7. You start setting meaningful and powerful goals

  8. You realize who you really are and how to grow into the best version of yourself

Your investment in yourself and your self-determination

Feel free to contact  me for a  free, non-binding introductory meeting , in which we will see together how I can support you. We get to know each other and see if the chemistry is right. After you have described your situation to me, I can make suggestions for how to proceed.

Book dir  here online   the introductory meeting.

Below you will find coaching packages I have developed. In these I make content-related suggestions on how you can best achieve your goals and wishes. Of course, you can have a say in the content of the coaching packages. My preparation and follow-up of the respective sessions are included in the pricing of the packages.


You can also book individual sessions with me. From the 4th session you get a discount of 15% on each subsequent session. The price for a session includes my preparation and follow-up of the session.

Installment payments for the packages are possible at no extra charge. Please contact me about this.

You can book the individual sessions here .

How we work together

All sessions take place 1:1 online via video conference (Zoom or other platform) . So you can hold your sessions comfortably from home  - or wherever else you are in the world. In a free preliminary discussion we will determine the topic to be worked on together. 

On-site appointments in Münsingen CH: At your request or for certain topics or methods, it is advantageous if we meet personally for the appointment. We will discuss this with you in advance.

​ ​

Walk-the-Talk:  On request, we can also conduct the coaching sessions in the Münsingen-Rubigen-Belp region (Canton Bern, CH) during a walk along the beautiful Aare (weather permitting) . Please contact me directly about this.

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