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You will receive a printable and a digitally writable version via download.


This book is a unique combination of a guided diary, workbook and information transfer . I put a large part of my knowledge into this book and worked it up in a way that you can work with it immediately and put it into practice.


  • You will be introduced to journaling: there are guided suggestions for your journal entries as well as enough space for your own thoughts, ideas and creations.
  • Right at the beginning you get a supportive manifestation exercise that you can repeat for yourself at any time.
  • There are also numerous challenges, tasks and in-depth coaching questions that will help you to grow spiritually and personally and to discover your true essence: your potentially unused potential, talents and personality traits.
  • The aim of this book is to give you new impulses on how you can actively change your current life situation, get more out of yourself and maybe even become the best version of yourself.
  • In addition to the exercises and tasks, you will receive in-depth knowledge of the topic you are currently working on - processed in a short, understandable form.


The book has 12 chapters, so you can use it as a yearly diary. You can start it in any month.


You have one month for each of the exercises and assignments. With the exception of Month 9, you can also work through the chapters at a faster pace. However, always allow yourself enough time to integrate and implement what you have just learned.


1 - Dreams: What is your dream goal?
2 - Happiness: what influences your mood? what makes you
3 - New start: What are your habits? What new
habits can you bring into your everyday life?
4 - Strength: Train your willpower
5 - Inspiration: Awaken your creativity
6 - Curiosity: Welcome new things into your life
7 - Mindfulness
8 - Humility: Practicing gratitude
9 - Love: Take care of yourself
10 - Silence: Introduction to Meditation
11 - Empathy: practice compassion
12 - Contribute: How can you be a contributor?





Entdecke deine Magie - Geführtes Tagebuch & Workbook (digitale Version/PDF)

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