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Prices + Booking

👉👉👉IMPORTANT: The price details for all packages refer to the entire package (= price per package). The time given is only a placeholder for the first session. When you book a package, you can choose the first session when you book. We will then set the other dates individually. 👈👈👈


Below you will find my current offers for your life coaching, spiritual mentoring or Twin Flame support.


You can search for a free date in the booking calendar and then book and pay directly online (credit card). If you don't find a suitable date in the calendar or if you would like to pay by invoice or in instalments, please feel free to contact me.


Details on all offers can be found on the respective theme pages of this website. 


I look forward to your booking! 


Contact me:

Regina Voegelin


Phone: +41 76 231 30 07

Whatsapp:+41 76 231 30 07

Threema: 67P7N4RH

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